The Magician
The internationally - recognized MAGICIAN SAMRAJ - popularly known as - ”THE INDIAN HOUDINI” - a name so earned for conducting shows involving great risk and incredible feats of Escape Acts - has been enthralling thousands of spectators around the globe - to mention a few - different parts of the Gulf, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius etc. and of course India for the last three decades, covering about 12,000 stages, adding new items to his repertoire. His exposure overseas has given a touch of elegance in his presentation and performance of magic, which is the secret of his success and uniqueness in the field. He has also the distinction of performing “HORROR MAGIC” for the first time in the history of INDIAN MAGIC.

He was born and brought up in the beautiful lands of Kerala (Mavelikara, Alappuzha Dist.), India in 1956 and after completing civil engineering study, went to the Middle East and joined Dubai Overseas Ast.Co.( Austrian Company ) first and then D.G Jones & Partners (British Company), as a quantity surveyor ( civil engineer).

His passion towards magic since childhood prompted him to practise magic while in the Gulf. He could fulfil his dream of becoming a magician while working there. Since then he did not look back and continues his relentless efforts to prove his mettle. He came in contact with various magicians of Europe, the United States of America, Japan, Norway, Germany etc., which helped him learn and practise the state-of-the-art developments in the field of magic.

His profound inclination towards magic brought him to India in 1996, relinquishing his office after a two-decade spellbound performance in alien lands. On reaching India, he gave a new dimension to his performance as a full-fledged illusionist and escapologist and his dreams spread wings. Thus came the ‘SAMRAJ WORLD OF MAGIC’, a 35- member troupe, the biggest in India.

His unique style of performance backed by the state-of-the-art techniques with the accompaniment of well-experienced troupe members, mirascopic light effects, stereophonic sound system, live orchestra, dramascopic stage effects etc., keeping with the changing trend of the present world, makes him a top ranking performer in the World of Magic, even in the global perspective. Pursuit of perfection and innovation prompts him to constant research and experiments to better the shows.